to the thirteenth week of the NFL season!

Last week: 4-4 ATS

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!

If you are like me, you can’t help but notice that Christmas has completely taken over the past week or so. Can’t walk into a store or turn on the radio without the ads and music. Hell, just last night my son watched the claymation Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer. It’s November.

Thanksgiving is a special time for Americans that needs to be respected. Tomorrow I get a free pass to eat all day long and watch football all day long. If that doesn’t represent the bond between Pilgrims and the helpful Native American allies then I don’t know what does. The point here is that I plan to enjoy my weekend and I can wait a few days before watching ELF and LOVE ACTUALLY every other night until December 25th.

That’s why I have a pick on all three games on the NFL slate tomorrow. Because we need to understand that the sanctity of Thanksgiving holiday means something. Feel really solid about the games I’ve selected this week. Anything less than 6-2 is unacceptable. My record for the entire season is 43-32-1.

On to the games!


PITTSBURGH/BALTIMORE UNDER 40 – Obviously you will be watching the EGG BOWL over on ESPN Thanksgiving night so this game won’t be on your radar. Don’t worry, I have a solution. This game is going to be like 16-9. I don’t know who wins but we all will cash in on the lack of points scored. Take the UNDER and then proceed to root against the source of pure evil in this world – Ole Miss.  

GREEN BAY +6 vs. Lions – Seems like too many points right? Matt Flynn morphs into Bart Star for some reason in that uniform. I’m going to bank on Eddie Lacy and those WRs keeping it close enough. Having football in the morning really is a reason to celebrate though.

OAKLAND +8.5 vs. Cowboys – I’m not sleeping on these Raiders getting over a touchdown. They have legit offensive weapons and a quarterback that no one has ever heard of, yet isn’t really that bad. Combine that with the Cowboys lack of covering and you have one tasty underdog.

EAGLES -3.5 vs. Cardinals – In this battle of birds, I’m going with the one that doesn’t suck the least. Call me the Monkees, because I’m a believer of Nick Foles in this offense. Okay, that was pretty bad. But you know what isn’t bad? Cashing checks and breaking necks. Mostly just the cashing checks part.

BUFFALO -3.5 vs. Falcons – This feels like an under-the-radar NFL game (for good reason) but if you have been paying attention, the Bills have been playing some quality defense lately. That is enough to back them against a team that’s planning January vacations.

CAROLINA -7.5 vs. Buccaneers – Why all the Tampa love this week? Because Mike Glennon isn’t completely inept? No thanks. I’ll take the team that is going to be at the other team by a lot of points. That’s the side of the game I like to be on.

TENNESSEE +4 vs. Colts – You guys can keep on pretending that Indianapolis is an elite team, but I know better and refuse to play any part in this charade. I can get more than a field goal with a team that is quietly humming with Ryan Fitzgerald? Sounds like a Thanksgiving weekend to remember.

SEATTLE -6 vs. Saints – The immediate reaction from most everyone to this line is ERMAGARD, DA SAINS R GETTIN ALMOS A TUCHDOWN? Which is exactly why I’m taking the Seahawks. Saints on the road versus bad teams has been pretty shaky lately. I don’t want any part of them against arguably the best team in the NFL.

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