Welcome to the eleventh week of the NFL season!

Last week: 5-3 ATS

Took a week sabbatical to get over my week 9 picks. Somehow going 5-3 was the most depressing winning week of the season easily. I started the day off 4-0 on the early games. 4-0! That night I had the Texans who were the underdog and up 21-0! They lost! Let’s just say I was roaming the streets afterwards looking for Corgi’s to kick. And then topped it off with Aaron Rogers going out of the game early and I had a sour taste in my mouth from the week.

Luckily I was able to meet with various spiritual leaders, find arcades open during the day and drink Chik-fil-A banana pudding milkshakes to get me over my disappointment. I’m back and ready to take on the Norv Turner’s of the world with 8 more picks for this week. Onward and upward friends.  

My record for the entire season is 42-32-1.

On to the games!


MIAMI +1.5 vs. Chargers – San Diego is getting points on the road against a perceived dumpster fire? YES PLEASE. Don’t even get me started on my feelings for Lamar Miller right now. Needing TWO POINTS from him last Monday he got me one to lose me a league. That whole organization is cursed.

DENVER -7.5 vs. Chiefs – Not sure why this line is going down but I’ll bite. Hell, by game-time I might even get it at a touchdown even. If you think the Chiefs have what it takes to keep up with Denver then I can’t help you, but best of luck in the big scary world buddy!

WASHINGTON +5 vs. Eagles – I’ve been on the Eagles the past but I’m not feeling them at this line. This screams a field goal to me. Surely the Redskins can have enough of a ground game to keep them in it.

HOUSTON -9 vs. Raiders – Reports of Pryor not playing? The Texans are ready to put a beating on someone and that someone is wearing black and silver. This is going to get ugly. Case Keenum is apparently the answer to all the riddles.

BALTIMORE +3 vs. Bears – This is the pick that seems to be the most head-scratching. When I hear a week of people talking that Josh Mccnown is the answer and even fantasy-worthy, I’m going to bet against that every time.

PITTSBURGH +2 vs. Lions – I’ll take the home team getting points that are trying to save their season. It’s that easy and I don’t trust the Lions on the road as favorites anyway.

NEW YORK GIANTS -4 vs. Packers – Now that the Giants have some semblance of a running game, Eli won’t be asked to lead the offense and that’s a recipe for a home win against a quarterback-less Packer squad.

NEW ENGLAND+3 vs. Panthers – You might, but I can’t bring myself to bet against the Patriots coming out of a bye where they are getting points. I’m a big believer in the Panthers defense but I can’t pick them here. This feels like a trap.

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