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I lied to you.

I told you that I was not going to run the annual BEST FANTASY FOOTBALL TEAM NAME CONTEST on the blog this summer. But I’m bored now, I have time and it’s football season damn it.

Besides, we’ve only received a whole THREE COMMENTS on our original post. You bastards. Won’t share your team names with us unless we’re giving away something for free. We just want to steal someone else’s idea and profit from it, just like everyone else in this country. Fucking ‘Murica.

So, to alleviate my mounting frustration with the lack of action in the bedroom in the comments, I’m going to give away some free shit. iTunes gift card or Best Buy, I’ll let the winner of the contest decide. Because America.

And for those of you having trouble coming up with clever team names of your own, I discovered a new site that generates fantasy football team names for you. When I used the generator, it spat out the team name “Blount’s and Forte’s” on multiple occasions. Think it’s trying to suggest something.

Give that a go if, you know, thinking hurts your puny little brain too much. Just another way for lazy Americans to keep on keepin’ on (being lazy). In the future we’ll just have team name generators that suggest other team name generators for you to use. I’m looking at you, scientists.

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