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If you’re using “Carlos Danger” as your fantasy football team name for 2013, congratulations. You’re just like everyone else. You anti-hipster, you.

We might not have time to run our annual best-fantasy-football-team-name contest this summer and we might be too late to start, anyway. But we still want to know: What’s your best fantasy football team name this summer?

So far, in three of my leagues, the best team name I’ve seen so far  is … NONE OF THE ABOVE. They all suck.

Good thing it’s still the preseason. And some of those people have not changed their team names from last year. Slack City.

For the most part I don’t like coming up with my own names out of fear they really suck and I’m the only one who likes/gets it. Plus everyone else who does this doesn’t realize how stupid their team name sounds. You’re the only one who gets it, BRO.

So, since I love TV/movies/books/music/etc just like everyone else (anti-hipster?), I usually draw my names from one or more of these sources. This year’s theme is the TV show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. You should watch it if you like good TV:

Fight Milk




I told you I was in three leagues. My other team name: The Hazean. Realllllll original.

Drop your best team names in the comments so that other people can steal them.

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