Season record (63-56-4)

Last week (3-6-1)

Like betting on preseason games? Then you are going to LOVE this week in the NFL. There is little rhyme or reason, you don’t know which teams are going to trot out starters or their season ticket holders and the lines are backwards.

God help you if you are playing in a fantasy league with Week 17 as your championship game. Why even bother? Instead of a playoff bracket, you should get a big wheel with everyone’s name on it, spin it and let it pick the winner. It’s roughly the same thing. I’m not even joking. With all of the planning, skill, strategy etc. it takes to win a league then you are going to leave it all up to playoff seeding to decide your fate. It’s madness.

If there ever was a week to take lightly, it’s this one. To reflect that, I have my fewest number of games picked this year. I also want to ramp up for one of my favorite betting occasions – the NFL playoffs. I’ll have sides and totals for each game.

Hope everyone out there is having a good holiday. Looking forward to what the next year brings.

On to the picks!


DALLAS +3.5 vs. Redskins – Like the feeling of a snuggie on a chilly, winter day – I really like having the hook here. I’d buy it if the line goes down to an even three. Too much on the line here for Dallas not to give their best effort. It’s not like Tony Romo to let us down in a high-pressured situation! He’s money in the bank.

NEW YORK JETS +3.5 vs. Bills – If you believe any press is good press, you have to tip your cap to the job of the Jets this season. Despite not making the playoffs and being a circus for most of the year, they are the talk of the NFL week in and week out. They even have their own ESPN bottomline scroll icon. In the past, Sanchez does very well vs. the Bills. Something tells me they will get back in the news again.

PHILADELPHIA +7 vs. Giants – I’m willing to poke myself in the face with a branding iron one last time by backing the money-burners known as the Eagles. I’m taking the chance that these players (especially Vick) have some proving to do for jobs next year around the league. It also seems as if the Giants have completely quit.

MIAMI +10 vs. Patriots – This pick is based upon my next pick. I expect Houston to beat the Colts, therefore the later starting Patriots will have nothing to play for an it will be a backup battle. The line should plummet before gametime and grabbing the Fins at double-digits now provides good value and a nice hedging opportunity if that’s your thing.

HOUSTON -7 vs. Colts – I know there is a lot of talk about the Colts giving it their all and playing hard, but I don’t see it. There is no reason for them to play their starters all game. Even with the coach coming back, it’s all about next week. I’m taking the team that has something big to win. As a Bronco fan, I will gladly trade this pick for a loss so Denver can get #1 seed but I don’t see it happening.

Good luck!

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