Short and sweet this week. I have a sick child I’m tending to and there are only a few days left to prepare my Zombie fallout shelter. I was hoping to have it completed before The Walking Dead’s second season starts back this Sunday.

That’s a lot of ammo, granola bars and crossword puzzles to compile with not much time. One day I’ll appreciate it though. MUCH SOONER THAN YOU THINK! da da duuuuuh.


CLEVELAND +7 at Oakland – I’m 4-0 on Oakland this year but now is the time to make like Benedict Arnold and cross sides. Like teams coming out of a bye against a team that has played NYJ, NE and HOU in consecutive weeks. Oakland is due for a letdown.

CINNCINATI – 7 vs Indianapolis – A line that at first seems peculiar, but #itsatrap. I have a feeling that Cincinnati will put this one away easily. Stranger things have happened, like Fred Durst getting a CBS sitcom. No really, Google it.

DALLAS +7 at New England – Another underachiever coming out of it’s bye. Remember last year when New England lost at Cleveland? Who was the DEF Coordinator for Cleveland then? That’s right, current Dallas DEF coordinator Rob Ryan. See where I’m going with this? Coverville.

MINNESOTA +3 at Chicago – In my market research, this one was very unpopular. People, the Bears defense is pretty terrible. We all know Jay Cutler has never won anything in life. The Vikings have a great running back and a great pass rush. That’s all you need to know.

SAN FRAN +5 at Detroit – Full disclosure, I have been against Detroit multiple times this year and have yet to be correct. Like Earnest P. Worrell, I never knew when to quit. San Francisco will have the best defense the Lions have faced this season and the running game to control the clock to keep the game close. Or they could lose by 35. One of those things will happen.

PHILADELPHIA -1 at Washington – I have no analysis, history or trends behind this pick. I just can’t see the Eagles losing. If they lose this game, they might as well forfeit the season. Except Vick, I need his fantasy points. Speaking of Vick, I have Vick and Tebow in a league with gaping holes at running back. Naturally, I try to trade one. No one wants them. They would rather go along with their Colt McCoys and Joe Flaccos of the world. Idiots.

NY GIANTS – 3 vs Buffalo – I hate the Giants. Knocked 85% of the free world out of eliminator pools last week. And you know Eli doesn’t care about knocking me out, he just stares at you with those puppy dog eyes and shrugs his shoulders. Probably heading to an Olive Garden wearing a t-shirt and sports jacket. Regardless, the Giants will win/cash this week. I don’t like it either for them.

SUICIDE PICK: Last week sucked. However, we press on. If you are lucky enough (like me) to be in a rubber-padded, training wheels league that allows for TWO misses, then I’m still playing for something. GREEN BAY PACKERS are the play this week hosting the Rams. At first, I assumed the Packers would be handy to keep around for later weeks. Not so much after looking at their schedule. Use ‘em if you got ‘em. Good luck. Previous - HOU, PIT, SD, TAMPA, NYG

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