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Time to start busting out some rankings.

My first draft of the summer is less than two weeks away and I have not even started on my cheat sheets yet (gasp!). So to help me start preparing, I am going to bust out some top-10 rankings this week for the major fantasy football positions.


1. Aaron Rodgers, Packers: Rodgers is in the prime of his career with all the same weapons from last year. There should not be any drop off here barring injury.

2. Tom Brady, Patriots: Did damage last year without a legit No. 1 wide receiver most of the season. Pats traded for Chad Ocho Cinco to clear up that problem, and Brady might have the most dangerous tight end duo in the NFL.

3. Drew Brees, Saints: Receivers are back, tight end Jimmy Graham should be an improvement and the running game has been revamped. Better running game = better results for Brees (see: the Super Bowl year).

4. Michael Vick, Eagles: Most have him at No. 1, and I cannot blame them. For me, though, Vick is too much risk/reward. I need a surer thing as my starter, but I think he has the most upside of any fantasy player. Can he play 16 games, though?

5. Peyton Manning, Colts: The neck injury is starting to worry me now that Monday Morning Rehab: Manning might not be ready for the season opener (!). Might start slipping even more in the rankings.

6. Philip Rivers, Chargers: Wish he would have gotten a little more help in the receiving corps, but having Vincent Jackson from the start of the season should be a bonus.

7. Tony Romo, Cowboys: Must stay healthy. There is no reason Romo should finish any lower than seven with the personnel on that offense.

8. Matthew Stafford, Lions: After the top seven are gone, this is the guy I want most from the rest of the field. Best chance to crack into the top five of all the QBs left.

9. Matt Schaub, Texans: If the running game takes a step back (likely), Schaub should be able to rekindle some of the magic from two seasons ago.

10. Matt Ryan, Falcons: Ryan has the shiny toys on offense and he was a steady contributor last year, but he needs to take a step up to become an elite prospect.

Just missed: Ben Roethlisberger, Steelers; Josh Freeman, Buccaneers; Kevin Kolb, Cardinals

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