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Had family in town for Mardi Gras this past weekend and the last few weeks have been a little hectic, so some of this will be old news to you. Bear with me as I get my bearings again.

The good thing about the NFL offseason is that the information is not as dated as during the regular season. Hard to talk about week 1 results when you are into week 5, for example. Or discuss the latest NFL props by BetUS when there are no football games on the horizon.

But CBA and Combine talk? That stuff is still gold!

The deadline for the previous CBA expired last week, but both the NFL and NFLPA agreed to extend talks for one week. While we still do not know all the details, some glimmers of hope have emerged via various reports. Football fans remain hopeful that a new deal can be done soon so that the NFL offseason can go on as planned.

The Combine has come and gone and so, too, have several Pro Days. Most notable of all the prospects has been Auburn’s Cam Newton. He had very mixed results at the Combine and now even some question marks out of his controlled Pro Day. Newton’s stock seems to be slipping.

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