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Football is King.

I turned on SportsCenter the other day during lunch and the crew was tackling offseason needs per team per division. THE SUPER BOWL WAS LAST WEEK!

The 2010 season barely has been put to bed and here we are already talking about next season. And don’t start with any of that “If there is a next season” nonsense.

May as well get in on the act … Here are the top five fantasy quarterbacks heading into next fall:

5. Drew Brees, Saints

I think the Saints will get back to running the ball more effectively in 2011, which could dampen Brees’ numbers just a bit. Still, he can be awfully prolific even with a better running game.

4. Michael Vick, Eagles

Vick is perhaps the biggest risk/reward quarterback EVER. Vick is sexy as hell from a fantasy football perspective. But the risk of injury is always high and the chances of repeating 2010′s stellar season are low.

3. Tom Brady, Patriots

Imagine what Tom Brady could do if he actually had wide receivers on his team. With a collection of cast-aways,  has-beens and rookies, Brady unanimously won the AP NFL MVP award for 2010.

2. Philip Rivers, Chargers

What goes for Brady goes equally for Rivers. Other than Antonio Gates, Rivers was throwing the ball to guys picked up off the streets of San Diego last year. And he stayed in the MVP discussion for the first half of the season to boot.

1. Aaron Rodgers, Packers

Too many weapons to ignore: Greg Jennings, Donald Driver, James Jones, Jermichael Finley and Jordy Nelson. If the Packers keep all of those receivers and add more to this offense, Rodgers will find his way to the top of the fantasy rankings once again.

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