*THE BIG GAME – I don’t need the NFL marketing team that shuts down orphanages every year from having advertised Super Bowl parties giving The Backdoor Cover a hard time.

“Before this game started he said 48 minutes the next 48 years of our lives. I say screw that, lets go out there and we’ll play the next 24 minutes for the next 24 minutes. And leave it all out on the field, we got the rest of our lives to be mediocre but we got the opportunity to play like gods for the next half of football, but we can’t be afraid to lose, there’s no room for fear in this game. If we go out there and we half-ass it because we’re scared, all we have is an excuse, we’re always gonna wonder. But we go out there and we give it absolutely everything, that’s heroic….. lets be heroes” – Varsity Blues

So I hear there is some sort of a sporting event this Sunday. Apparently it’s going to be a big event because I heard there are several old men who attend every year. We have one more game to try and show our friends that we can win money on football while they are reduced to playing office squares that cost a quarter each.

This has been a productive postseason with TBC’s ATS record a sparkling 14-7. Also if you are new to the world of putting your hard earned money on a game of chance and luck, then it’s not too late thanks to our newest sponsor BetUS. Join today! Best of all, you can do it without going out into the snow/ice/winterymix.

I know a lot of football fans get depressed after THE BIG GAME* because they have nothing to look forward to sporting wise. I would ask you to give America’s Pastime a chance this year. If you have been paying attention, and judging by the attendance you haven’t, baseball isn’t as popular as most other sports. In fact, last week the Pro Bowl got better ratings than Game 3 of the World Series last year. This is letting the terrorists win my friends.

Soon your friends at The Hazean are going to be expanding into some fantasy baseball coverage. There is no better way to spend the summer than hoping Jeff Suppan strikes out Ty Wiggington in the bottom of sixth inning on Sunday Night when that will win you W.H.I.P. for the week. Trust me, it’s a riot. So check out our baseball coverage as you come back for the stellar NFL offseason fantasy coverage.

For the last Backdoor Cover column of this season, I’ve decided to get in the mood with the cast of the legendary comedy Anchorman singing Starlight Vocal Band’s Afternoon Delight. That’s baby making music, that’s what that is. Good luck to us.

This Week Against the Spread:

PITTSBURGH + 2  1/2 vs Green Bay – Quite possibly the closest match up in Super Bowl history. I have gone back and forth but settled on taking the points. It usually isn’t pretty but they win big games almost every time. I’m scared by B.J. Raji, but give me a guy that defenders bounce off (Ben Roethlisberger) to make the plays to keep the chains moving. I actually like teasing this with the over as the best bet of the day. Between terrible towels and cheeseheads, expect a lot of yellow Sunday.


Pittsburgh/Green Bay OVER 44- A few long pass plays is all we’ll need to get both teams in the low 20′s to make this cash. I’ll take those odds. Literally. Also, nobody wants to the guy at The Big Game* rooting for punts and prolonged drives in the first half. Everyone hates that guy.

PROP BETS OF THE WEEK: Some good, some goofy.

  • TEASE PITTSBURGH +8 1/2 and the OVER 38 – I like this better than both of my side plays. Teasing on this game = SQUARE.
  • Total number of field goals missed by both teams +350 – Basically one missed field goal doesn’t lose me money. These kickers have been shaky from 40+ so I’ll take my chances that these defenses force long FG tries.
  • PITTSBURGH 3rd down conversions OVER 5 +110 – Green Bay has forced a lot of third downs this season and Pittsburgh will have their chances to get this number easily.
  • PITTSBURGH OVER 109.5 yards rushing – Green Bay has been gashed by power rushing teams this year.
  • GREEN BAY OVER 34 1/2 pass attempts – The running game will be nonexistent by second quarter. Hello screen game!
  • Will PITTSBURGH convert a 4th down? +160 – This seems like a likely event for getting good odds.
  • Total pass receptions by James Starks OVER 1 1/2 – He doesn’t catch a lot of passes but I think they will be forced to use dump offs. He only needs two people!
  • Mike Wallace longest reception OVER 26 yards – He will get loose on a Big Ben scramble. Not to mention he is due.
  • Will there be a score in the last two minutes of the first half? YES – This usually happens
  • JERRY JONES UNDER 2 1/2 times shown on FOX – No one cares this is his stadium. I will be surprised if they show him at least three times.
  • Christina Aguilera OVER one minute and 54 seconds for the national anthem – She likes to hear herself drag out notes.
  • The BIG GAME* MVP will thank his teammates first +250 – As good a guess as any.

Take it easy out there.

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