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Since this is a fantasy football blog and the biggest NFL game of the season is upon us, I figured now would be a good time to dip my feet into the Super Bowl discussion pool.

The water, much like the weather in Dallas, is a little icy. That is to say, most fantasy football owners have tapped out for the year and could care less about the fantasy angle of the big game.

But that’s not going to stop me from trying.

So in an effort to break down the game, I am going to tackle it from a fantasy perspective: Big Ben and A-Rod might not match up against each other on the field per se, but quarterbacks do go mono-a-mono in our fake game. And that is precisely where I will begin …

Aaron Rodgers vs. Ben Roethlisberger

Contrasting quarterbacks in every possible way. Rodgers, the gunslinger with some wheels and a penchant for showmanship. Roethlisberger, the gritty, get-it-done-anyway-possible type of quarterback who is impossible to sack. With Rodgers it is pretty. With Ben, it is ugly. And it works for both. Neither is slated to gain or lose much fantasy ground upon the outcome of this game, save for an injury of course.

Rashard Mendenhall vs. James Starks

Mendenhall is blossoming into a great running back right before the eyes of fantasy owners. He could be a 1st-round talent this summer if the right chips fall into place for him. One of those chips is staying healthy through this game. Starks, meanwhile, really came out of nowhere. Off the PUP list and now starting for the Packers in the Super Bowl, Starks is going to have a major impact on the status of Ryan Grant in 2011.

Greg Jennings vs. Mike Wallace

Two young receivers vying for the go-to designation in their respective offenses. Jennings finally had the breakthrough season predicted long ago by many fantasy owners, while Wallace proved many of his proponents right with a breakthrough campaign of his own. Their fantasy stocks for next year are pretty safe at this point, though Wallace has had a quiet playoff stretch to this point. He could use a good showing.

Hines Ward vs. Donald Driver

The old men receivers of these offenses, Ward and Driver have been doing this successfully for a long time now. Both are reaching the twilight of their careers and could be playing in their last Super Bowl. Neither is going to go down without a fight. Expect a tangible impact from both of these players on the outcome of this game.

Emmanuel Sanders vs. James Jones

In the battle of two sleeper receivers heading into next year, both Sanders and Jones have built some nice playoff resumes this year. And they did it behind several talented players on their own rosters. At least one of these guys is going to have a big impact on this game, perhaps both of them. A solid effort will go a long way to bolstering that sleeper stock heading into next summer.

Here are today’s great reads:

  • If you, like most American males, are going to wager on the Super Bowl, at least know this before you go into a bet: The house pretty much wins all the time. Hopefully, though, you get some luck this Sunday. Choose your bets wisely! [Shutdown Corner]
  • More gambling advice the weekend: Analysis of some of the crazier prop bets for the Super Bowl. While it seems fun and all to throw some money down on these, it really is a fool’s game. But hey, if you win, you can brag about it forever. [The Big Lead]
  • Tom Brady won the NFL offensive player of the year award this week over the likes of Michael Vick and Arian Foster. All of these guys were studs in fantasy football this year. So which is most likely to fall off the wagon in 2011? My money is on Vick. [ProFootballTalk]
  • With a solid postseason, James Starks has worked his way into the lexicon of fantasy owners. But with such a limited sample size, is it ridiculous to think of Starks as a keeper in fantasy leagues for 2011? Maybe, but I guess a lot still depends on what shakes out for the Packers in the offseason. [Fantasy Knuckleheads]

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