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If you are going to bet on the Super Bowl at BetUS, for example, there are only two teams from which to chose. And for Larry Fitzgerald‘s purposes, neither the Steelers nor Packers likely are landing spots for Fitz this offseason.

After all, both teams made it here without him this year.

But for the teams not playing in this year’s big game? A player of Fitz’s caliber could catapult a team to the Super Bowl in 2012. And now that the Cardinals have made it clear that Fitzgerald can be had for the right price, a number of teams may be ringing the Arizona front office.

Five tantalizing candidates:

1. Chicago Bears

As much as Jay Cutler got blamed for the Bears not defending home field in the NFC Championship, the Bears lack of receiving talent was never more evident. This team needs a play-maker like Fitz. And if there is anyone who can pile up the fantasy stats with a wide receiver, it’s Cutler (see: Marshall, Brandon).

2. St. Louis Rams

The Rams were a win away from hosting a playoff game this season and winning the NFC West, all with rookie quarterback Sam Bradford at the helm nonetheless. This team is trending upward now. Running back Steven Jackson is not getting any younger and could use a player like Fitz to take some of the pressure off his shoulders.

3. New England Patriots

Trading Randy Moss did not make a difference for this team in 2010 because he was not the same Moss as in year’s past. But it was quite obvious that the Pats missed a vertical threat of his caliber and a receiver who could make the tough catches in the tough spots. Like during the playoffs against the Jets.

4. Washington Redskins

It seems the Redskins always are in the discussion when it comes to trades during the offseason, so why not throw them in the mix for Fitzgerald? Donovan McNabb may not be back, so who knows who will takes snaps from center for the ‘Skins in 2011. With Fitzgerald, at least the unknown quarterback would have someone to target extensively.

5. Dallas Cowboys

With the rumors swirling a few weeks ago that the Cowboys might trade Dez Bryant, how about this one: Bryant for Fitz? It probably would not work like that exactly, but it could be a win-win for both teams. The Cardinals get an up-and-coming star in Bryant, who looked every bit like the real deal in 2010. And the Cowboys get another celebrity receiver and another reason for ESPN to talk them up as Super Bowl contenders.

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