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Fantasy owners who have been holding onto Shonn Greene all season may finally start seeing some reward for it.

Greene, a high-round draft pick in fantasy drafts last summer, has underwhelmed for much of the 2010 NFL season to date. That is mostly due to the presence and resurgence of LaDainian Tomlinson, whom I predicted would score more touchdowns than Greene this season during the preseason.

So far, that looks pretty good. However, it could change really, really quickly now.

I am not saying the wheels are falling off Tomlinson, but his last three games have not been nearly as proficient as those before it. And now the Jets are saying that Greene is going to get more work in the running game going forward.

Was this all part of the plan for New York this year? To let the elder Tomlinson carry the load early in the season to keep Greene fresh? We all saw how well that worked out for New York last year during the playoffs, when Thomas Jones pretty much disappeared while Greene burst onto the scene.

All of that brings us to the fantasy question of the week …

Fandemic Question of the Week

So who would you rather start this week and for the rest of the regular season: Shonn Greene or LaDainian Tomlinson? Head over to Fandemic to answer this week’s question.

Injuries of Note

Tom Brady [QB, Patriots]

From ProFootballTalk:

That habit stopped for a while, but started up again during this season.  Now it appears Brady has another actual injury.  Brady sat out practice on Wednesday with a foot problem in addition to his right shoulder injury.

Not much to worry about here. Brady gets a few days off here and there for various ailments. He will play against the Steelers this weekend.

Matthew Stafford [QB, Lions]

From ProFootballTalk:

Per Kowalski, preliminary tests showed a Grade 3 separation of Stafford’s right shoulder.  Grade 3 involves a complete separation of the joint, with tearing of ligaments and the capsule surrounding the joint.

Stafford likely is done for the year. During the brief time we saw him this year, Stafford looked very much like a fantasy starter. But the fact that he cannot stay on the field will give fantasy owners pause next summer. Rightfully so, but that could make him a huge value next year. Hopefully the Lions add some more talent to that offense, especially the offensive line.

Steve Smith [WR, Giants]

From FanHouse:

Giants wide receiver Steve Smith is doubtful for this Sunday’s game against the Cowboys, having suffered a pectoral strain during Thursday’s practice. That’s a shame, especially given how poorly the Cowboys have been playing and how well Smith has looked over the last four weeks — 25 catches and three touchdowns.

Bad news for Smith owners, who were going to have his services in a great matchup this week. Smith generally has done well in the past against the ‘Boys, too. Hopefully this is a short-term injury.

Weather Concerns

For up to the minute NFL weather updates, visit

Start & Sit Reads

  • One site challenges the projections of some of the more powerful fantasy football sites on the web. I rarely use projections to determine my lineups, but I know many fantasy owners due. It’s all speculation really. I prefer using fantasy-specific statistics, like how many points a defense gives up against quarterbacks, running backs, etc. to determine my tough lineup choices. [The Fifth Down]
  • If you are making a late-season playoff push and are in need of a quarterback, Josh Freeman may be your answer. In standard scoring leagues, Freeman is the 12th best fantasy quarterback this season. Not too bad for a guy with limited passing options. If the Bucs add some potency to this offense next year, Freeman will be a top-10 fantasy quarterback. [FanHouse]
  • Start and sit advice for the final bye weekend of the NFL schedule. David Garrard and Josh Freeman are poised for big weekends, but Tom Brady may be more affected by that foot injury than even I expect. Plus he really has not been the same this season as fantasy owners would have expected. []
  • More on the LaDainian Tomlinson downfall, including his prospects for this weekend at Cleveland. How great would it be for the Browns, with Eric Mangini at the helm, to take down the Jets? I like pulling for the little guys of the NFL. [Roto Arcade]

More Prep

Remember to check The Hazean’s Facebook page on Sunday mornings for up-to-the-minute injury updates (if there are any) and last minute start and sit advice. If I am available, I will post a start/sit thread on there for you to drop your questions.

For more great fantasy roster advice this week, including a plethora of Start & Sit links and consensus rankings, head over to the Fantasy Football Librarian. Don’t forget to grab your library card.

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