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There was a lot of chatter around these parts last week regarding the USA’s run through the World Cup. From Landon Donovan’s miraculous goal against Algeria to fan reaction around the world, it was safe to say The Hazean also had soccer fever.

The fever now has broken.

Ghana defeated the USA 2-1 in extra time on Saturday, eliminating America from the 2010 World Cup. To say I care little about the World Cup now is an understatement. Now that the biggest sporting event of the summer of 2010 is over, it is time to turn our attention to American football season.

As for soccer, I will care again in another four years just like so many other American soccer fans. But I will admit that this year’s World Cup seems to have strengthened the American soccer community more so that past World Cups.

Here are today’s great reads:

  • Sleeper fantasy offense to keep an eye on through training camp and preseason: The Kansas City Chiefs. Charlie Weiss is the new offensive coordinator, Matt Cassel has a season under his belt, Jamaal Charles had a break-through season, Thomas Jones should provide good leadership and tough running and Dwayne Bowe should continue to mature (hopefully). Also, keep a close eye on rookie Dexter McCluster in the preseason to see how KC plans to use him. [Fantasy Guru]
  • Football fans remember the death of Bengals’ wide receiver Chris Henry last year. Now, doctors are learning more about his brain and the ramifications a life-time of football has had on it. Sad yet interesting stuff, hopefully this will shed some light on new ways to protect today’s players. [Shutdown Corner]
  • If you have started your fantasy football cheat sheets this summer — and who hasn’t?!? — now would be a good time to check on some updated rankings and average draft positions (ADP). Drafting using ADP may be my new favorite way to select a fantasy football team. [Football Jabber]
  • I have yet to play in a fantasy football league that uses an auction-style draft, but it is becoming increasingly popular. If you are joining one this year for the first time, tell us about some of your tips in the comments. [RazzBall]
  • If you want to know which websites have had the best fantasy football rankings the last few years, look no further than our friend the Fantasy Football Librarian. Always on top of her stuff with useful information for fantasy owners. [Fantasy Football Librarian]

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