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Larry Johnson was not really winning fantasy owners over so far this season. So he decided to go all next level on the football public.

Frustrated with the Chiefs poor start, Johnson’s acrimony boiled over onto everyone’s current favorite sounding board: Twitter. He called out head coach Todd Haley and maintained internet fights — the best kind — with other Twitterers (Tweeters?).

And if that was not in poor taste enough, Johnson went after the more traditional media with a few not-so-nice choice words.

Needless to say, none of this sat well with Haley. Johnson has been removed from all team activities while an internal investigation is conducted and has apologized for his potty mouth.

Have fantasy owners seen the last of LJ on the field this season? It seems likely with a new coach trying to change the culture in Kansas City. An outburst like Johnson’s does not generally go unpunished when a new coach is trying to settle into his first job.

What Johnson’s public breakdown does, however, is swing the door wide open for backup running back Jamaal Charles. Already averaging more yards per carry this season than LJ, Charles should challenge Shonn Greene as the most added player off the waiver wire in fantasy leagues this week.

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