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The 49ers are not wasting any time with Michael Crabtree.

The first-round pick — last to sign among his class — is slated to start for San Francisco this weekend at Houston. As far as first starts go, the Texans’ secondary should provide an easier-than-most transition to the NFL game for Crabtree.

That is not to say fantasy owners should start him this weekend by any means.

However, it is intriguing how quickly Crabtree bumped Josh Morgan from the starting lineup. Not that Morgan has set the world on fire through the first six weeks of the season, but he does have experience in the offense and a rapport with Shaun Hill.

Mike Singletary is throwing Crabtree into the fire and it could pay huge dividends for the 49ers. And for fantasy owners.

Besides Vernon Davis, who is finally living up to 100 years of hype, Crabtree is the most talented pass-catcher on the roster. Hill has to throw the ball to someone. The 49ers are competing for the division against teams that like to chuck the ball. Scores will be inflated. Pass defenses in the NFC West are relatively weak.

Add all of those things together and it could amount to a recipe for success. Hard to believe Crabtree would be fantasy relevant this quickly after his lengthy hold out, but he just may be after this weekend.

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