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I want to take a look at those players that have a good match-up and could perform well for your fantasy teams in week 2.

These are the players you would not normally start but might be worth a start this weekend. This is especially for those owners dealing with injuries to fantasy starters like Donovan McNabb, Anthony Gonzalez — both on my team — or LaDainian Tomlinson.

Jason Campbell, QB, Redskins: Campbell did not perform all that bad against the vaunted Giants defense in week one. He did, however, throw an interception and lose a fumble. This week he faces the St. Louis “Pee-Wee Football” Rams. The Rams offense looks so bad the Redskins offense might stay on the field the entire game due to a prolonged multitude of three-and-outs. Take advantage of this match-up and any team that plays the Rams until they prove they can play NFL-caliber football again.

Laurence Maroney, RB, Patriots: I liked what I saw out of Maroney during the Monday Night Football game against the Bills. Maroney was hitting the hole hard and with purpose (That’s what she said!). Fred Taylor did get the only rushing touchdown, but I believe Maroney is going to be the main guy in New England soon. They are playing a Jets defense that shut down the Texans, so this could be a tough match-up. On the other hand, Mark Sanchez will be facing his first real defensive test, masterminded by Bill Belichick. The Patriots could be put into some good offensive spots due to rookie quarterback mistakes. This is a rivalry game and the Patriots will need to run the ball with some success to perform at a high level offensively.

Percy Harvin, WR, Vikings: Did you see the love Brett Favre showed to Harvin when he caught his first career touchdown in the NFL? Favre is already making Harvin his new favorite target. Oh, and the Vikings are facing a a Lions team that gave up six touchdown passes to Drew Brees last weekend. Do not be surprised to see the Vikings open up their offense this week, allowing Harvin to see more passes thrown his way.

Robert Royal, TE, Browns: Royal seems to be the most sure-handed receiver on the Browns team. Maturing starting quarterback Brady Quinn will probably rely heavily on his tight end until he becomes more comfortable in his own shoes. Take advantage of Royal while Brady Quinn is still leaning on the veteran tight end and he could reward you with some solid production.

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