When it came to fantasy football team names last summer, Brett Favre, Michael Vick and Pacman Jones were three of the more common references.

It appears, at least preliminarily, that Favre and Vick will again serve as suitable themes for the fantasy football public.


Time for something new. Hit us up with your best fantasy football team name to date in the comments below. The best names will be chosen for a poll at the end of the month to be voted upon by your peers.

Nothing wrong with clever, new Vick/Favre references but the theme is close to being moldy. Rather than push it over the edge, try something new. Perhaps Ryan Leaf’s latest endeavors can serve as a muse, or Matt Leinart’s humorous flirtation with the world of MMA.

Looking forward to the submissions in this, the last ones accepted this summer. After this contest, the three winners will go head-to-head for best fantasy football team name of the summer. There may be a prize in the form of a t-shirt, but that still is in the works.

June’s best fantasy football team name: Romo Sexual
July’s best fantasy football team name: Forgetting Brandon Marshall

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