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Preseason football action is in full swing, and I’m loving every minute of it.  Now I’ll be the first to admit, that preseason is in no way, shape, or form as sweet as the regular season, but a guy can only take so much baseball until he goes crazy.  Also, watching the preseason is a good way of scouting out a few players you felt were on the fence as far as sleepers go.  I know after watching a few games, I have more confidence in selecting those mid-rounders who I think could become studs.

Enjoy your weekend!

Here are today’s great reads:

  • Brandon Marshall isn’t doing himself any favors in Denver this preseason.  Apparently, he has yet to grasp Denver’s new offense and is now buried on the depth chart.  With a possible suspension in the works, Marshall’s draft stock could be plummeting soon. [Denver Post]
  • In case you haven’t gotten tired of the Brett Farve Saga, here is the transcript from a press conference as a new Viking.  [Every Morning Quarterback]
  • Yet another reason to draft Chad Ocho Cinco in your upcoming drafts.  Not only will he get you points for receiving, but throw in there a few extra points. [Yahoo Sports]
  • A great article on handcuffing your stud running backs.  Some guys are a strong recommendation for handcuffing while others aren’t much of a concern. [Fantasy Football Geek]

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