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The internet is chocked full of valuable resources at the disposal of fantasy football owners. But finding the right tools can be a daunting challenge given the volume of results a simple Google search can procure.

Filling a fantasy owner’s arsenal with the best weapons may be an overwhelming task, but we have been down this road twice before.

Our first attempt to arm the fantasy masses produced five fantasy football tools to use in 2008. Later that summer, the list of best fantasy tools was updated to include more choice ammunition.

This year’s list of fantasy football tools to use promises to be the best one yet.

There are web tools, websites, fantasy football blogs, forums and more this time around. More fantasy football information than most owners need, but far less than the endless amount of links a single Google or Yahoo! search provides. And in this case, the “picking through the trash” part of the process is already taken care of by yours truly.

Have a favorite fantasy football tool not listed below? Tell everyone about it in the comments.If you enjoy this list and plan on using some of these tools in 2009 and beyond, consider bookmarking this link for easy reference. And do not forget to share it with your friends by using one of the links below the story!

Tools & Apps

In a nutshell, these are internet toys that help you get stuff done in your fantasy league. Be it keeping up with news, tweaking rosters, creating team logos or tracking individual players, these sites will help you stay on top of the fantasy football game all season long.

Google Reader

Rate My Team

Big Troph

My Fantasy Players

Mock Drafting

If you took our advice in May and did plenty of mock drafts to prepare for the season, chances are really good you used one of these sites — easily the best mock drafting and average draft position hubs on the internet.

Fantasy Football Calculator

Mock Draft Central


Need help with a big trade offer? How about discussion on your favorite draft strategy? Or do you just want to keep up with player news, injuries and other football-related goodies? Chat about these things and more in any or all of these fantasy football forums.

Fantasy Football Cafe

Fantasy Football Oasis

Fantasy Football Chatter


So if you are going to take our advice and use Google Reader to keep up with all the latest fantasy football news, trends and rankings, these fantasy football blogs would be a great place to start. And while you are at it, may as well subscribe to The Hazean too!

Fantasy Football Librarian

Fantasy Football Fools

The Fantasy Football Geek Blog

Football Jabber

Bruno Boys

Kilroyz Krystal Ball

Roto Arcade

Pancake Blocks


Similar to the fantasy football blogs above but most of these have a ton of features. There are discussions, applications, draft kits, player updates, forums, blogs, rankings and much, much more on these, the best full-service fantasy football websites.

FF Today

Fantasy Football Nerd


Fantasy Football Xtreme

League Hosting

We told you about the five best places to host your fantasy league this season. And what, you thought we would change that up now? No way, dudes and dudettes. Whatever your fantasy game, one of these sites should suit all of your needs. Or do like me and play on several of them!

My Fantasy League


Yahoo! Fantasy Football

CBS Sports Fantasy Football

ESPN Fantasy Football

Fantasy Merchandise

Feel the need to rub in your most recent fantasy championship? Nothing says winner like a fantasy football t-shirt, right?!? Get all the goods for your past and — hopefully — future successes in fantasy football.

Art of the Fan

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