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Friday is here, which means Saturday is only a day away.  Father’s Day is this weekend, so remember to get the ole man something nice.  Golf balls are the usual gift, but I might try and go a different route this year.  More than likely, my good intentions will give way to procrastination and Dad will be receiving a box of Callaways.

Here are today’s great reads:

  • Finally!  Brandon Marshall reports to camp.  Don’t get too excited, its not what you think it is.  [Yahoo Sports]
  • Roger Goodell sent a letter to Donte Stallworth notifying him that he has been suspended indefinitely by the NFL.  Check out a few excerpts from said letter.  [Every Morning Quarterback]
  • Fact or Fiction.  Which running back is going to repeat their numbers from last year:  DWill or Turner?  Check out these Fools opinions. [Fantasy Football Fools]
  • Any good running back or quarterback will admit that much of their success is attributed to the O-line.  Here is a breakdown of which team boasts the best offensive lines in the league. [FF Toobox]

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