I love to post a good rumor every now and then, especially when it concerns one of my favorite players or teams. So when I heard that the Saints may be interested in acquiring LaDainian Tomlinson, it was like killing two birds with one stone.

According to the National Football Post, the Saints have expressed some interest –whether internally or by contacting the Chargers directly — in the services of LT2.

A little bargaining chip on the Saints table: Reacquainting Tomlinson with former Chargers’ quarterback Drew Brees.

This is a little far-reaching at the moment but, given the contract dispute and public fisticuffs going on between Tomlinson and San Diego General Manager A.J. Smith, not outside the realm of possibility. Since the beginning of free agency 2009, Sage Rosenfels, Kellen Winslow and Matt Cassel all have been traded with little to no advance warning (at least in the cases of Winslow and Cassel). So Tomlinson getting shipped to New Orleans would be just another ripple in an already tumultuous offseason activity pool.

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