By now you all know Brett Favre wants to come back this season. And the Packers do not want him back. So he asked for his release. But the Packers said no. Now everyone is speculating where he will end up this season if he forces Green Bay’s hand.

I want to know why. Why does Brett Favre want to come back this season?

Is it because he has “the itch” to play again?

I know it is hard to quit things. I tried to quit a lot of things in my time. Like fantasy football. No, not really, but I can imagine it would be really hard to stop playing fantasy football.

Michael Jordan and Jerry Rice had that itch. Hell, Vinny Testaverde has a freaking rash. So it is understandable that Favre just cannot quit the game.

Did last year’s success and near-miss leave him wanting more?

I know he did not go out on top last season, but he had a hell of a year that ended with his team barely missing the Super Bowl. Ironically, it was his interception in overtime that allowed the Giants to finally win the NFC Championship. Maybe he feels like the Packers are close to making and winning the Super Bowl.

Or is it because he wants to reverse the Madden Curse? Aha!

Bingo. We all know about the curse:

  • Madden 2002: Daunte Culpepper. Had a terrible season despite all the hype.
  • Madden 2003: Marshall Faulk. Struggled with injuries and failed to surpass 1000 rushing yards.
  • Madden 2004: Michael Vick. Broke his leg in preseason.
  • Madden 2005: Ray Lewis. Broken arm, Ravens missed the playoffs.
  • Madden 2006: Donovan McNabb. Bothered all year by a sports hernia, finally shut down by the end of the season.
  • Madden 2007: Shaun Alexander. Broke a bone in his foot, never the same again.
  • Madden 2008: Vince Young. Did not get hurt, but had a terrible season that almost prompted his early retirement.

Madden 2009: Brett Favre. Already slated to be the cover boy when the game releases next month, could it be that ole’ Brett wants to break the curse of his biggest fan’s namesake? Surely John Madden would not bring injury and ineffectiveness upon his buddy Brett Favre, right?

H/T Shot Clock Violation

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